Wiccan, for the sake of playing around in MangaStudio.

I was all, “I should finally finish that picture I was working on”, but then it was already pretty much done…? Just did some touching up.

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Wonder Bar, 1934

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chimegumi Asked
QuestionCrochet. Answer

I hate how tired my fingers and hands get when I do it for a long time. I can type faster than most people can talk, but I’m only scared of carpal tunnel when I crochet. Wtf.

I wish I could figure out a way to do it without stabbing my left middle finger. Over. And over. And over and over and over again. It hurts and is a super weird place to have a callus.

I wish there was a way to do fancy patterns without having to count. *whinge* I love fancy patterns but I hate counting. I would love knitting and crocheting fifty thousand times more if I could do it completely freehand like I do sewing and felting.

I hate the way my hands sweat onto my work and after like ten minutes the whole thing is some kind of salty mess. Knots refuse to work right, threads get stuck, it’s a disaster. I wish my hands didn’t sweat.

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chimegumi Asked
QuestionTurtles. Answer

• The big ones are too heavy for me to pick up.

• You can’t raise them inside your house.

• They’re filthy.

• I just realized you said “turtles” not “tortoises” even though everyone in my family just says turtles

• They live in the water

• since they live in the water you can’t pick them up

• they don’t really do much

• they’re filthy

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Finally put up the posters I bought at Fanime, and with my bag and my phone (and a lot of other things I own and use on a daily basis) it’s completely obvious what my biggest obsession is orz”””

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scarabsi Asked
QuestionRaincoats :V Answer


I have really cute coats that are sold as raincoats but don’t actually protect against more than a light drizzle, and if I wanted something for heavy rain it might not be as cute.  Why does the coating do nothing???

Also when I wear a raincoat over a short skirt it looks like I’m wearing no pants and I want to be like “I AM NOT A FLASHER” but that does not make it better. 

Oh and then when I get home I have a giant wet heavy thing to deal with and I have to put it in the bathroom or something.  It was worse when I was in a dorm room and had to find a place to put it that wouldn’t soak everything else I owned.

lol too hard at “I AM NOT A FLASHER” oh my god

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robancrow Asked
QuestionCats. |D;; Answer

This will be strange because I was actually terrified of cats for more than half of my life haha.

• I hate when they have dominance battles. I hate that attitude in humans and I don’t want it coming from cats too.

• It kind creeps me out when people get… weirdly spiritual about cats??? Like there are people who genuinely think cats are smarter and better than people and that’s. That’s creepy. (I think that’s why I love Mouse Society stories but can’t stomach Cat Society stories)

• their poop smells really bad like so bad oh my god

• Not a big fan of being scratched, even if it’s accidental. This was part of why they terrified me when I was younger.

• STOP BITING MY CORDS y-you chewed off my crochet thread…

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What happens to cats in zero gravity ?   more educational gifs«

OH GOD THOSE POOR BABIES i am sobbing i am laughing so hard

In the last pic the cat is all “oh thank god I found ground NO WAIT COME BACK GROUND”



Astronaut: We need to fund 1.4 billion dollars.
Astronaut: We want to put kitties in space and have them float around in zero gravity.
NASA: Here is all the money. God bless.

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Who started the fire?


AAAAAAAAAH *hyped out*

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